Ottis lifetime dream (engl.)

Otti’s lifetime dream. Will it continue?

  Esmono Schüler



Today  14.9.15 the school starts again. Students and teachers tightly squeezed into the provisional school building. In the meantime, we are all very hopeful that our dream project which has already been drawn by the architect Dani, will be built.


This is what the building could look like:

In the middle of the picture we see the almost finished middle building with the solar panels fixed on the roof. In front of this is the unfinished excavation, which can provide more space for playing if the excess dirt was removed. In the back of the picture we see the new school building which contains more class rooms and the sanitation facilities. The new foundations offer more space for cellars as well as double story class rooms and may be we even provide more space for additional solar panels providing more reliable power to the school.


Our main request, if we can request anything, will be that the building is highly resistant for earthquake. The kitchen would also hopefully be larger than our current one so we can feed more students and there might even be space for a little apartment for school care takers.


There is no turning back now, we are all very excited and unbelievably thankful!

Addendum: dans la nouvelle fondation

Installations sanitaires

petit appartement de gardien

Dépôts et espaces


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